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Glen Leavitt The Language of My Soul – Anatomy of a Dyslexic Mind

We thankful to Glen Leavitt for sharing his life story with the Dyslexic Advantage community. He’s generous gifted us with eight print copies but also provided his autobiography in The Language of My Soul – Anatomy of a Dyslexic Mind in pdf so all of you can download and enjoy it.

Dr. Michael Ryan wrote […]

Dyslexia at Work: Say This, Not That

Academic studies of dyslexia in the workplace have all arrived at the same conclusion: the vast majority of adults with dyslexia choose not to disclose or ask for accommodations in the workplace. Of those who do disclose, they often disclose to some but not all of their co-workers.

The reasons are several – but include […]

Discoverer of the Titanic – Dyslexic Ocean Explorer Robert Ballard [Premium]

“When I was a child, I wrote a letter to an oceanographic institution in California called Scripps (Scripps Institution of Oceanography UC San Diego). It was a Dear Santa Claus letter. “Dear Scripps, I want to be an oceanographer.” I’m sure I misspelled it, because I’m dyslexic. They gave me a scholarship.” – Robert Ballard When I was seventeen, […]
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