In a recent publication for researchers in Australia, psychologist found that strength-based parenting practices, like motivating “children to explore new situations, including stressful situations, through their strengths..adds a ‘positive filter’ to the way a child reacts to stress, meaning that they are likely to reap the benefits of positive stress, such as skill development and adaptability.”

Parents adopt a strength-based approach when “they seek to deliberately identify and cultivate positive states, positive processes, and positive qualities in their children. In other words, parents are building up their children’s resources.”

What positive qualities have you told to your child today?

We are grateful for this important work for all children, but the issue is so important for dyslexic student who can receive so many negative messages about what they can do and consequently who they think they are.

To download the full research article, visit our Social and Emotional Issues Group in our Dyslexic Advantage Community

Thanks to Parent Education Network and Jenifer Kasten for the HT!