math-treeMany students with dyslexia love Mind Maps. It might be because mind maps convey information more spatially, with color, relationships, and associations (Dyslexic MIND Strengths). At right is a great mind map by Frank Santos. There are many ‘pearls’ in Frank’s mind maps, from deceptively easy ones (quadratic equation formula, substituting  clip art honey bees for the letter ‘b’ and apples for ‘a’) to a visual and verbal explanation of what a student is doing when they are solving 2 linear equations (“the single point where they intersect is the solution”).

For more math resources including handouts and a list of math resources from Dr Elizabeth Smith’s Dyscalculia and Gifted 2E webinar last week, click HERE.


Algebra Mind map

Also check out some of the free activities at Karis Math and Chris Woodin’s wonderful Math Resources from Landmark School.