stealth-readingWhereas dyslexia is usually characterized in part by challenges in fluent reading and spelling (in addition to strengths), stealth dyslexia’s relationship to reading is more complex.

As young children, some stealth dyslexics may have some early difficult mastering the code of reading, but most silently read with good comprehension in the upper elementary or middle school years.

Recent stealth dyslexia research is associated with increased activity in executive function areas (the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex). That may seem counter-intuitive to some parents of young children, but it really shouldn’t considering all the accomplished dyslexic CEOs and business leaders. One of the super strengths of stealth dyslexics is their D-strength ability to fill-in-the-gaps and make accurate predictions of what happens next.

But if the strength sidFumiko Hoeft Stealth Dyslexiae of stealth dyslexics in reading is higher order thinking and gist, what are the troubles that can arise in reading-related academic tasks?

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