“Why the Heck Don’t You Have a Specific Program for Dyslexia?” – Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA, Bipartisan Dyslexia Caucus).

cassidyIt should come as no surprise that it was a parent to ask the piecing question of why more isn’t being done for students with dyslexia. Senator Bill Cassidy is the parent of a child with dyslexia and is also a physician. If this exchange makes you upset, take action. First, if you haven’t already, sign the petition and read others’ comments HERE.

Watch a longer clip click HERE.

Join our community and let us know you’d like to help. The US dyslexia community has never been better organized than it is now. The Senate vote was really close. We may just have to make more noise. Contact us if you have any contacts with journalists, newspapers, or other media.