Excerpt: “Since 2003, the percentage of applications that are denied has quietly and rapidly risen by 25 percent, even though the number of test takers who are identified with legitimate learning disabilities has grown. A mere 2 percent take the test with accommodations, contrasted with the 10 to 20 percent of kids who probably need them. The board’s decision has fueled anger and frustration in the Bay Area, where parents of LD students — and the child psychologists, educational specialists, behavioral pediatricians and school counselors who support them — are a force. They have carried the fight to the College Board, engaging in a case-by-case bureaucratic duel.”

Currently a war IS raging about accommodations and College Board testing. Although many schools are making the SAT and ACT optional, many do not, and these tests act as the gate keepers for higher education.

For many adults with dyslexia, the costs of the extensive testing to qualify for accommodations is cost-prohibitive. One solution is to see whether a local community college can document the need for accommodations for low-cost or even free. But, regardless, there are high hopes that the current Bipartisan Dyslexia Caucus will be able make progress changing the practice that currently bars so many bright dyslexics from Higher Education.

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p.s. Community Colleges usually do NOT require SAT or ACT tests for admission. Some students find it easier to transition to a 4 year college after enrolling in a 2-year community college program.