A: The short answer is no, at least for comprehensive testing.

Online Test DyslexiaThere are online checklists and screening tools and even testers who will meet with you virtually, but comprehensive testing for dyslexia that would be accepted by most standardized testing organizations like the College Board, ACT, or Licensing examinations, usually consists of in-person tests that take hours if not days to complete. Schools and workplaces may not require comprehensive testing, but to really know what testing is required or sufficient, it’s best to contact your particular school or workplace.

Are checklists or screening tests helpful? Yes, they can be. In fact, comprehensive testing may not be necessary if are seeking self- knowledge or help about possible tutoring or coaching.

Online screening is getting a lot more sophisticated, though, and in the next few years we anticipate the tests will be a lot more informative and helpful for guiding educational remediation. As it stands now, comprehensive testing is expensive and most families retest every 4-5 years; if a student undergoes remediation, it would be valuable to have a more economical way of retesting and determining skills that need more work as well as others that have been successfully remediated.

If you’re wondering where you can get tested as an adult, here are a few possibilities:

– Your local community college disability resource center
– Private professional (often psychologists, neuropsychologists, but also educational therapists, and occasionally physicians).
– Check your local Learning Disabilities Association keeps a list of professionals who test adults
– Some university psychology departments may do low cost testing
– Some vocational rehabilitation centers may also do dyslexia screening

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