This is rapidly changing time for dyslexia legislation, so please update us with corrections, changes, or newly passed laws. Huge thanks to the Dyslexic Advantage Community, Decoding Dyslexia, and other leading dyslexia groups.

13 states have no dyslexia laws on the books, but there’s some pending legislation too.

NO LAWS: Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Oklahoma, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont.

PLEASE UPDATE US IF NEW LAWS ARE PASSED! We would like to keep this as current as possible.
Addendum: Congratulations Virginia and New Hampshire  for their new laws.

Alabama 2015 Dyslexia added to Alabama Administrative Code
Alaska – NONE
Arizona- 2015. S.B. 1461 Definition of Dyslexia, Continuing Education for Teachers, Dyslexia Exemption for 3rd Grade Retention Law
Arkansas- 2013. Act 1294 Meeting the Needs of Children with Dyslexia in Public Schools
California- A.B. 1369 Identification and assessment, program for to improve educational programs for dyslexia prepared.
Colorado – H.B.1223 Training and identification.
Connecticut- 2015. An Act Concerning Dyslexia. Assessment and Teaching Training.
Delaware- 2015. An Act to Amend Title 14 of the Delaware Code Relating to the Education of Students with Disabilities. Severe dyslexic students can waive state assessments. Evidence-based interventions.
Florida– 2015. John McKay Scholarships for IEP or 504 student to attend a public school other than assigned or private school for students with learning disabilities. State Board of Education Rule 6A-6.03018. Reading First.
Georgia – NONE
Hawaii- 2010. S.B. 2217 Promotes awareness of dyslexia, assessment and identification, curriculum, interventions, training.
Idaho– NONE
Illinois– 2014. HB. 3700. Assessment, professional development, intervention. Indiana- 2015. H.B. 1108. Defines dyslexia and requires professional training programs.
Iowa – Senate File 2319.
Kansas – NONE
Louisiana- 2013. (R.S. 17:7:11) identification, assessment, intervention, accommodations.
Maine – 2015. LD 231. Definition, screening, consultant.
Maryland – 2015. H.B. 278 Dyslexia Task Force – Implementation of Education Massachusetts -NONE
Michigan – NONE
Minnesota – NONE
Mississippi– 2012. H.B. 1031. Scholarship to provide dyslexic students with school choice.
Missouri– 2016. H.B. 2379 and S.B. 638. Screening for dyslexia and task force. 2012. H.B. 1031. Dyslexia therapy scholarship to attend a different public school or non-public school for multisensory education.
Montana– NONE
NebraskaDyslexia Assistance Document
Nevada– 2015. AB 341 and SB 391. Dyslexia screening and intervention.
New Hampshire– Passed HB 1644. AN ACT relative to screening and treatment for dyslexia and related disorders and establishing a reading specialist in the department of education.
New Jersey-2014. PL2013 c 131, 105, 210. Dyslexia definition, minimum professional development, and screening for learning disabilities.
New Mexico– 2010. HB 2010.  Recognize dyslexia, provide phonics-based tutoring as part of RTI.
New York- None except Dyslexia Awareness Day.
North Carolina-None.  Dyslexia Topic Brief.
North Dakota– None.
Ohio– 2011.  Dyslexia training for k-4 teachers. Pilot project for intervention (year 3 finishes Oct 2015).
Oklahoma- NONE.
Oregon – 2015. H.B. 2412. SB 612. Teacher training, dyslexia screening, dyslexia specialist.
Pennsylvania– 2014. A.B.69 Dyslexia screening and early literacy pilot program.
Rhode Island – 2012. H 7542. Definition and intervention.
South Carolina– 2013. South Carolina Task Force Report.
South Dakota– None.
Tennessee– 2016. Say Dyslexia Law. Advisory committee, universal screening (through RTI or other), professional development.  2014. HB 1735 / SB 2002. Dyslexia is Real Bill.
Texas-2014 (Handbook). 2009. 1995. Dyslexia Screening and Treatment, Licensed Therapists. Dyslexia Handbook.
Utah2015. HB. 117 Pilot programs for professional development, literacy interventions K-5.
Vermont- None.
Virginia- 2016. HB 842. New teacher training in dyslexia.
Washington-  2009. Individuals with Dyslexia – identification and Instruction. Handbook.
West Virginia2014. Definition of Dyslexia Dyscalculia.
Wisconsin2016. Education Guidance Document. 2014.  Foundations of Reading Guide. Teacher Tests for new licenses
Wyoming2012. S.B. Assessment and intervention. Other Resources: Decoding Dyslexia MD Dyslegia Decoding-Dyslexia-State-Laws