Professional Development Approval by State

Does your state allow Dyslexic Advantage courses to be used for CEUs and teacher clock hours toward certificates and salary credits?


The best way to know for sure is to check with your own school district.  You can use this form to request prior approval if you’d like.

Dyslexic Advantage is approved as a teacher clock hour provider in Washington state, California, and Texas. Many other states don’t have a review process for professional development courses, but you may need to ask request permission from your local education agency or supervisor.

If you have completed the course, email Fernette for a course certificate if you need that to request credits from your district. If you are a Washington state teacher, here is an OSPI in-service registration form for the course. After you have successfully completed the course, you can fill out your section and email the form to Dr. Eide where she will sign and complete and return to you.

The Dyslexia for Teachers course is also taught through Seattle Pacific University for 3 (quarter) graduate-level credits. To use these university credits, you may need to also purchase a transcript for $10 from SPU.


ALABAMA: Possibly, yes. Contact your principal, supervisor, HR professional, or superintendent’s office to see if our course credits can be used towards your certificate renewal.

Educator Certification: (334) 334-353-8567

ARIZONA: Possibly with approval of your local education agency.

(602) 542-5393 or (602) 364-1842

All educators must copy or download the event agenda and submit with their certificate of completion. Arizona’s Department of Education does not approve PD offerings, your LEA does. Be sure to download or save and submit the following for approval:

  • Conference, webinar description, or online summit agenda
  • Certificate of Certificate from Education Week noting clock hours earned in training session.

(we are listed under Online and Special Education)

COLORADO: Yes through SPU. Probably yes with approval otherwise. Colorado’s rules and regulations are listed here: College or University coursework is listed under II. The course directly through Dyslexic Advantage would likely be appropriate under VI, Ongoing Professional Development, but check with your supervisor to be sure.

CONNECTICUT: Possibly with approval from your district or local education agency.


(850) 245-0505 or (850) 245-0546

Yes, with approval from your district or LEA. In Florida, teachers need 120 in-service points every five years to renew their certificate. Generally, one point is equivalent to one hour of professional learning or follow up.

The Florida Department of Education does not have an approved list of professional learning providers or recommend specific commercial programs or courses to satisfy school or school district needs. Each school district in Florida—including the developmental research schools and some private school organizations—has a professional development director who supervises and directs their district’s professional learning activities for instructional and non-instructional personnel. These directors ensure that local professional learning activities are planned and implemented effectively.

GEORGIA: Possibly, with approval from your supervisor. The Georgia Professional Standards Commission does not approve renewal credits. Supervisors of educators are responsible for renewing certificates.

IOWA: Probably yes,through our course partnered with Seattle Pacific University only. Credits may be earned through college/university courses, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification, or professional development (PD) activities. Check with your principal or other supervisor.

NEW JERSEY: Yes with approval of your supervisor or principal. The New Jersey Department of Education does not provide a list of criteria or requirements and does not maintain a list of vendors nor does it register, approve, certify, contract with or promote professional development providers or speakers. It is the responsibility of individual school districts to review the credentials of the providers and the contents of their programs and make their own determinations of suitability for members of their staff or their students.

NEW YORK: Our course through Seattle Pacific University may be acceptable for credit. Check with your supervisor and district.

From the NYSED site: “For credit-bearing university or college courses, each semester-hour of credit shall equal 15 clock hours of CTLE credit, and each quarter-hour of credit shall equal 10 clock hours of CTLE credit.  For all other approved continuing teacher and leader education courses, one CTLE credit hour shall constitute a minimum of 60 minutes of instruction/education.”

TEXAS: Yes. Our Texas Education Agency CPE# 902-783



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