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The Dyslexic Advantage

In this groundbreaking book, Brock and Fernette Eide explain how 20% of people — individuals with dyslexia — share a unique learning difference that can create advantages in the classroom, on the job, or at home.

Cutting-edge research shows have dyslexic people perceive the written word differently, but also may excel at spatial reasoning, interconnected thinking, and display amazing creativity.


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Do you think you may be dyslexic?

Dyslexic Advantage was co-founded by

Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide

50 million Americans, including 10 million school-aged children, are dyslexic and they comprise 80% of students in special education classrooms. In a recent nationwide survey conducted by Dyslexic Advantage, over half of parents were told by a principal or teacher that dyslexia is not recognized by their school system. The Secretary of Education recently confirmed that there is no dyslexia-specific curriculum or plan for these students which has serious consequences for these children because they think and learn differently than other non-dyslexic students and require methods of instruction that are suited to their way of learning and thinking. Today, Dyslexic Advantage (DA) is breaking the cycle of negative in school systems and workplaces by revolutionizing how dyslexic people are understood, educated, and employed. We’re replacing the old and outmoded deficit-centered paradigm with a new and more productive strengths-centered paradigm that puts abilities rather than weaknesses at the heart of what it means to be dyslexic.

Dyslexic Advantage is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Donations are tax-deductible as fully allowed by law.
EIN #45-5170308.

Latest Posts

Strengthening Executive Function Skills [Premium]

Strengthening Executive Function Skills [Premium]

“Reading isn’t the most challenging part of dyslexia. It’s the executive function…” Executive function consists of different sets of processes in the brain that act like executives in business. Executives supervise all the activities and resources – organizing and prioritizing activities, developing plans, and making sure actions are properly executed. CHALLENGES AMONG CHILDREN AND ADULTS […]

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Q & A: Bilingual and Dyslexic [Premium]

Q & A: Bilingual and Dyslexic [Premium]

Question: Our 9 year old son is bilingual and also dyslexic. We have decided to allow him to attend a bilingual school with his older sister for cultural and family reasons. Will this harm his educational development? The school seems supportive, but does not have teachers trained to remediate dyslexia. There are many reasons why […]

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Organizing Math [Premium]

Organizing Math [Premium]

Math is a challenge for almost every student as the world recovers from disruptions due to the pandemic. Although almost all community colleges waive some math requirements, only a few colleges completely waive them. One list I found was here, but do check individual college sites for current information. 1. University of Arizona – Substitution […]

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Question: How to Help with Reversals [Premium]

Question: How to Help with Reversals [Premium]

Question: My middle grade student still has trouble with reversals. What can I do to help? Answer: Reversals can occur in different contexts, so understanding the different causes can help determine the best solutions. PERSISTENT LETTER REVERSALS Reversals can be a normal developmental finding up until the age of seven years. After that, severe difficulties […]

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Text-to-Speech is Getting Better [Premium]

Text-to-Speech is Getting Better [Premium]

If you haven’t been using text-to-speech lately, you’ll be in for quite a treat. Innovations in voice generation and cloning have made many free and premium (pay) voices better than ever. If you haven’t visited our Dyslexic Advantage online library lately (HERE), you may not know that we’re adding audio players to all our articles. […]

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Visual Learning [Premium]

Visual Learning [Premium]

Two of the strongest differences seen in our survey of 12,291 members of our Dyslexic Advantage community were answers to questions below: LEARNING THROUGH PICTURES, DIAGRAMS, AND IMAGERY “I generally prefer diagrams or pictures to written instructions or explanations.” 70% of definitely dyslexic people strongly agreed with this first statement compared to just 7% of […]

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What are the Dyslexic Advantages?

Scientific research shows that dyslexic children and adults process information differently from non-dyslexics and some of these changes may account for strengths in creative problem solving, entrepreneurial thinking, and certain types of learning and memory. An understanding of the advantage side of dyslexia is important for children to discover how they learn and remember best as well as for adults to find careers and work environments that allow them to work to their highest abilities.

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Dyslexia for Teachers

What is Dyslexia and How Can I Help My Students?

This course will provide a big picture overview and practical approach to the understanding the challenges and strengths of dyslexic students.
The course consists of 10 modules which may be completed in an average of 10 weeks.
Evaluation based on Quizzes and turning in short answer Written Assignments.
1 year to access the course.


>>> Learn more about this Online Course


“This is an area of learning differences that is not often taught or mentioned. This course does a great job of explaining how dyslexia may present itself and how to help those students.”

“I learned a lot from the videos of dyslexic people. I now have strategies that I can share with my own teammates and school.”

“This was a great course that gives true insight to a very common situation facing many of our students in our schools every day. I would definitely recommend it.”

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Testimonials about Dyslexic Advantage

“Thankfully, the Dyslexic Advantage helped us tremendously with explaining everything to the kids. The change in perception of a dyslexia diagnosis helped our children with understanding why they were struggling and while their difficulties wouldn’t just simply vanish, they had a great many gifts BECAUSE they are dyslexic. It was a much more positive starting point than the school’s perspective that my kids were lazy or disabled and couldn’t succeed. I was so grateful for the book.”

“Beautiful work. There’s so much helpful content here.I ‘ll be recommending it to the parent support group and everyone else I meet who needs your resources. Congratulations! My best.”

“Love the magazine. My daughter is newly diagnosed and we’re still wading through this whole new world.

“Hi, I love your newsletter and your book. I run a dyslexia interest group at our high school in my own time. Please keep doing what you are doing, it is very inspirational and I am constantly sharing about your book.”

“This is absolutely amazing! I can not wait to share the information with my daughter that I have learned while reading this magazine!!! Thank you !! “m constantly sharing about your book.”

“I am so excited and happy that you are doing this! Dyslexia is so little understood and very much ignored in educational and other settings. Even after attempting to educate various individuals on the topic I find that they will still ask students to attempt inappropriate activities. Sadly, many don’t get it. Thank you for making this.”

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