organization-tips-dyslexiaTop Organization Strategies for Students with Dyslexia – Planning, Note-Taking, Research, and more…

1. Google Calendar

Many students work well with a large calendar in view. Post-its can be used to create a calendar from any whiteboard or wall space. Put down important test and assignment due dates, but also when studying or work on a project should begin. For students with a phone, having a calendar or reminder app can also be helpful with notifications. We like Google Calendar calendarbecause of  its color

coding and notifications. Google calendar will work well on iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and more, and sync across your devices. Siri can work with Google Calendar, but you have to set it up through Google Sync. Also for making changes in a calendar quickly with a phone app, we prefer Calengoo – which syncs Google Calendar with  iOS / iCloud calendars.

2. Note Taking – Evernote for Top App

Students with significant dysgraphia should have a designated note-taker in class. In middle school, high school, and college, recording apps or Livescribe pens (recording pen with a camera in the tip that syncs recordings to writing) can also be handy for some – even as cornell-notesa back up for note-taking because it’s hard for anyone to get everything down. Other popular strategies include visual note-taking (watch the video below) or Cornell notes (see photo, right).

As far as apps go, #1 Favorite of most college students and professionals we know is Evernote. Evernote is great for many reasons, but it works great as an audio and picture note-taker (it will convert handwritten words to searchable text!), has extensive search and tagging capabilities, allows for group work using a shared notebook, converts notes into flashcards with StudyBlue, and is awesome for collecting and organizing research for reports (web clipper copies the online references and URLs).


3. Lists, Reminders, and Notifications

There are many handy free and inexpensive list apps, but if you are using Evernote already, there is are checklists and Evernote can be added to your notifications so that you get notification Reminders. Evernote Reminders are tied to projects, presentations, and notes, too, so you can quickly access them if you need to bring them up. Most smart phones and laptops have default list, note, and stickies apps and notifications can be set up to remind about classes or times to study. One of the handiest functions of Evernote is that it can digitize handwritten notes that can be searched!  Evernote-savvy college students can go completely paperless (take photos of all their notes and upload to Evernote) and then also have an easier time finding what they need for tests.

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