Free Open Ebooks DyslexiaGreat news for kids in need + children of military families! The non-profit First Book has a new program making new high quality books available to kids in need. Thousands of ebooks are available free to those who qualify. Physical books are also available at low cost.

Librarians, teachers, early childhood programs, and schools whose programs support at least 70% low income students e.g. free lunch, Title I) are eligible to to apply. If a museum or other program has a Title I Free Friday (or other event), they may be eligible too.

After signing up with First Book, download the Open Ebooks app to your iOS or Android device, and enter your First Book code. Students can borrow up to 10 ebooks at a time. Physical books can also be purchased at a significantly lower cost.

Who can sign up with first book
This program is not dyslexia-specific, but it can be a great resource for those who qualify. For dyslexic students in the US, there is and Bookshare is free and provides free text of books (not always including pictures, however) that can be combined with an inexpensive ebook reader like  Voice Dream Reader. Learning Ally provides volunteer-read audiobooks and costs $119 per year.

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