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“In this updated edition, the authors, leading dyslexia experts, analyze new research with modern techniques to emphasize a strength-based approach to dyslexia, instead of the typical deficit-based strategy. They assert that the same pattern of brain organization that leads to struggles can be harnessed to become one’s skills and exceptional strengths. Therefore, they believe that dyslexia should be viewed as a learning and processing style, not a disorder. In their extensive research and numerous studies, the authors found that people diagnosed with dyslexia have impressive skills in material, interconnected, narrative, and dynamic reasoning. The authors found that these strengths often lead to amazing achievements and outperforming others in pattern detection, episodic memory, and creativity. Each chapter includes a “What’s New” section, incorporating crucial research updates. There’s also a part that focuses on incorporating a strengths-based model in the workplace.

VERDICT Based on hard science and on personal narratives from 20 people, this book is a comprehensive must-have title for educators, parents, and those who process things through a dyslexic lens.”

Our revised and updated 10-ish year anniversary edition of The Dyslexic Advantage is available from Amazon. com,, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository for worldwide shipping.

Tristan Morris will be narrating the audiobook and because of some unavoidable issues, the audiobook version will be released by March 28th.  Sorry for the slight delay.

If you’re planning to order it, consider pre-ordering it rather than waiting until after February 14th. The reason for this is that pre-orders all get registered as sales on the day it opens – and the larger this number is, the more likely bookstores will carry it and more people will see the title.
As you might expect, there are still far too many people who are unaware of the central truths of dyslexia that include its strengths and advantages.

Having the book in more stores makes it more likely that people may accidentally discover it for themselves, a family member or friend.

If you pre-order, you’ll get an exclusive invite to an online “Evening with the Eides””where they will give you a personal introduction to the book and also answer questions. The event will be recorded for those who are unable to attend the live event. More details HERE.

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