From researchers at Haskins Laboratories:

The focus of this study is different from those of previously conducted studies… Pugh also sees the importance of studying the advantages dyslexic individuals may have. He points out that many individuals with reading disabilities pursue careers in art, architecture, and engineering, which allow them to make use of their heightened visuospatial abilities. Despite this anecdotal evidence, only a handful of researchers had conducted studies that investigated the advantages dyslexics may have.

“Deep down,” says Pugh, “what motivated me, having worked with children with dyslexia for so long, and having seen how damaged they can be from a world that keeps telling them that they are not good at things, was the possibility that we could identify strengths. Perhaps by leveraging these strengths we can help these terrific kids to more fully bring out their talents and self-esteem.”

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Watch Dr Ken Pugh present some of his research at the Dyslexic Advantage UCSF Dyslexia Beyond Reading Conference at the University of California-San Francisco.

Read the Research paper here: Diehl et al. 2014.