Module 1: The Big Picture of Dyslexia and MIND Strengths

Module 2 – What’s Dyslexia Look Like and What’s My Role?

Module 3: What Does Good Dyslexia Remediation Look Like?

Module 4 Dyslexia in the General Classroom

Module 5: Dyslexia and Working Memory

Module 7: Cultivating a Love of Writing

Module 9: Gifted with Dyslexia and Dyslexic ELLs

Module 10: The Social and Emotional Side of Dyslexia


Quiz Mini Course #2: Dysgraphia

This mini-course provides an introduction to writing difficulties typically associated with dysgraphia.

Quiz Minicourse 3 Math

3 Credit Mini-Course Math

Quiz Minicourse 4 Processing Speed

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