Anthony Hamilton“As a child, I wasn’t taught the importance of an education, let alone how to use an adjective. I lived in the projects, and it smelled of despair. The only way out was by playing professional ball or hustling….That’s far from my life today. My belly now hungers for the verbs and the adjectives, the synonyms and the paragraphs. I write to be the author of my life and for Faith in another sort of Author of my life….”

Congrats to Anthony Hamilton for his poignant storytelling. Read more HERE.

anthonyhamiltonWhy is it that dyslexic students with normal or gifted intelligence are grouped into classrooms with students with low IQ and behavioral problems? It’s not an appropriate education. How can we hope that these students can engaged with education if they’re denied what their creative and big picture minds are craving?

In our outpatient clinic, we were often asked by parents whether their children should be placed into full-time special education classrooms, but the answer, more often than not was ‘no’, because the negative lessons and messages outweigh any specific remediation they might receive. It doesn’t have to be that way.