poole“When I was in school I wondered why I didn’t understand; now I wonder why “they” don’t understand. My life and my viewpoint are distinct, and I love it this way. Dyslexies are often the inventors, the artists, and the creators. We are the different people who make a difference.”

And: “How I create, think, process information, and view the world around me are all tied in. Thanks to ADD, multitasking comes naturally. I listen to books on tape while I work (over 3,500 so far) and can comfortably toss in other activities without even realizing it. Sifting and condensing information is part of understanding it, so I can explain the theory of relativity in a sentence or express the essentials of form and imagery. My focus, both consciously and unconsciously on the visual and tactile world, has become another priceless ingredient in my artwork. I think effectively in 3D which comes in handy when I am reconfiguring a Corvette suspension system or troubleshooting a glass manufacturing production line. This is also an invaluable tool in the creation of my sculptures, some of which are fully formed in my mind before they become reality. The 3D viewpoint also plays a strong role in my paintings.”

Meadow-Colin-PooleKorologos Gallery   Colin Poole

From Flourishing with Dyslexia