cathy-drennan-dyslexia Superstar MIT Professor Catherine Drennan (HHMI Scientist too – the top of the top in the world) shared her personal journey with dyslexia. She was in remedial classes and had to repeat a grade, and saw her self dropped lower and lower through all the reading groups, until her parents were pulled aside and told “She’s probably not going to be able to graduate from high school…”

Check out Cathy’s advice below and watch her entire story at the bottom of this video!  Cathy’s wisdom is something that everyone with dyslexia should know.

Fascinating too to learn about how she was able to read three-dimensional orientations of molecules like she learned how to read in the 6th grade.

We’re sorry to admit, that many students (and working adults) today still get lots of bad advice about what they can do or what’s possible. It is frustrating all the more when these folks are in positions of authority.

We agree with Cathy 100%.  Reach for it, dream it, and surround yourself with nice people and people who may want to help – then stand back and be amazed.

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