shutterstock_159644237Over the next several weeks we’ll be sending out surveys on MIND Strengths in kids and adults. We’ll need your help to make this research a success, and  to whet your appetite we offer this post.

MIND strengths often reveal themselves in different, and more subtle, ways in dyslexic children than dyslexic adults. For some adult dyslexics detecting the early signs of their mature talents can be hard even in hindsight.

Often, however, you can see the early signs of the mature talents—if you know where to look. That ‘where’ is commonly in some activity discovered outside the traditional school classroom.shutterstock_220406287

Below is a list of ways that some of the dyslexic adults we’ve interviewed first showed signs of their talents, listed by adult occupation and childhood signs.



Adult Occupation                              _  _        _      Childhood Hobby

Mechanical Engineer:                                                 Robotics team

Paleontologist:                                                              Rock and fossil collection

Naturalist/Artist:                                                         Nature journal, Scouting

Entrepreneur:                                                               Chain of lemonade stands

Entrepreneur:                                                               Reselling lost golf balls to golfers

Entrepreneur:                                                               Organizing yard work crews

Energy entrepreneur:                                                  Exploding things

Artist:                                                                              Mentored by famous artist

Integrative biologist:                                                   Art, building dollhouses

Journalist/publisher:                                                  Photography

Space physicist/space probe designer:                   Building jewelry, electronics

Novelist:                                                                        Writing stories for friends

Filmmaker:                                                                    Making movies with friends

Artist:                                                                             Drawing

Espionage thriller writer:                                          Chess

Computer security expert:                                        Hacking

Chief information officer:                                         Hacking

Video game maker:                                                    Video game maker

Fortune 1000 CEO/Chair                                         Sports captain

Electrical engineer                                                      Building and taking things apart

This is justshutterstock_153426515 a short list, and we could go on and on, but it gives a feel for the kinds of childhood ‘hints’ we often see of important adult talents.

If you’re dyslexic or have a dyslexic child or spouse and have a good example of how an important adult strength first presented in a child, please share it in the ‘Comment’ section below, or in our feed on Facebook! And please join with us next week as we begin the MIND Strengths surveys!