shutterstock_240962449Dyslexic Advantage is thrilled to announce that May will officially be “MIND-Strengths Month” for our community!

What We’ll Provide: Up-To-The-Minute Information!

During May we’ll blog on the most up to date information about the key strengths of dyslexic minds. We’ll focus especially on how to understand, recognize, build, and use the four core strengths discussed in the book The Dyslexic Advantage called MIND-Strengths.


What We’ll Ask In Return: Help Understanding MIND-Strengths!

We’ll also need your help! During each week of May, we’d like to send all members of the Dyslexic Advantage community a self-assessment survey for the “MIND-Strength of the Week”. Our goal is to develop functional self-assessment surveys for each of the four MIND-Strengths.

shutterstock_229039786Having reliable self-assessment tools available will be a huge step forward for Dyslexic Advantage and the dyslexic community. Not only will it allow individuals to find and develop their strengths, but it will also help everyone better understand and recognize the strengths and abilities that are core features of dyslexia.

During May, our focus will be on developing a version for adults and adolescents. Once this survey is completed, we will be able to move forward testing the version we’ve developed for children.

Both dyslexic and noDyslexic Advantage Logon-dyslexic individuals will be needed to fill out these surveys. Each survey has been designed to take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Your patience and help with this process will be invaluable! There is simply no other way to get this information than for all of us in the community to be patient and pull together.

Together We Can Do Great Things!

Thank you so much for your involvement and support! Together we can truly change the world!