dyscalculiaFree Math / Dyscalculia Webinar TONIGHT. Click HERE.

Almost half of dyslexic students have dyscalculia or a common math disability. It’s important to be aware of Dyscalculia because if it’s not formally identified in school, students can be held back and penalized in many ways.

Math also can become a gatekeeper in science and other courses, so that students change school decisions and career plans when they may not have had to if they had received appropriate accommodations and instruction that is tailored to strengths and weaknesses.

Tonight Dr. Elizabeth Smith (Kinderminds.com) will be talking to us about Dyscalculia in general, but common patterns seen in Dyslexic students – for instance in one case, a young engineer with strong 3D spatial, but weak math facts, and in the other, conceptual problems. Liz was past President of the WA Learning Disabilities Association and a member of our first Board here at Dyslexic Advantage.

To Register, click the link above and sign up. All registrants will also receive copies of handouts and a link to the video after the event.

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Below is a designer talking about his Dyscalculia.

Dyslexia and Maths – Case study 1 Gareth from Graham Griffiths on Vimeo.