lindsey-stirling-dyslexia“The only reason I’m successful is because I stayed true to myself.” – Lindsey Stirling

Forbes recently  named musician composer songwriter Lindsey Stirling in their list of Top 30 Musicians under 30. She plays in a variety of music styles including classical, pop, rock, and electronic dance. She sold over 1 million singles last year and her youtube channel has over a billion views.

As a child, Lindsey wanted very much to take violin lessons, but her family could not afford them. They pleaded with a teacher to take half lessons , and despite the warning that “a child isn’t going to learn how to play in 15 minutes a week), her Lindsey is!

Lindsey talks fairy frequently about her dyslexia, which she attributes to her difficulty reading music, although she learned very well by ear.

Congrats Lindsey! Take a listen to her beautiful music video, and stock up for the holidays!