VictoriaTori is one of the two winners of the Karina Eide Courage and Compassion Awards 2015. Fernette Eide had this reflection about Tori’s nomination for the Karina Awards: “We were so impressed with heart that Tori had in wanting to make better schools for other children. Courage and Compassion are sometimes the super strengths that dyslexic students have – they look beyond their personal circumstances and needs and directed toward others. As adults, their passion may carry them into many areas, whether local or global service, supporting those in need, and building others up.”

Tori pours her heart and soul into reaching out beyond herself and helping those in need.


From Christine Gavin, a teacher at Windward School who recommended Tori for the award: “The first time I noticed Tory, she was giving a presentation to the entire school about her family trip to a remote village in Malawi, where she made bricks for the building of the region’s first school. She was in 5th grade at that time, and the amount of emotion and passion she exuded, even at that young age, struck me…For the next two years, before she graduated Windward and moved on to The School of the Holy Child, Tory was WE CARE’s most dedicated member. Tory came to me one day and asked if WE CARE could dedicate their next fundraiser to helping collect school supplies for the school in Malawi that she had helped build. The school was officially set to open in September of 2012, but they were in desperate need of pencils, notebooks, and other basic supplies. She had already contact the director of the organization, Villages in Partnership (VIP), to see what they needed, so of course we let Tory take the reins and lead our club in this drive.

IMG_8841The leadership and compassion Tory displayed throughout the whole process was unmatched. She led club meetings, helped the students brainstorm ideas for the drive; she created flyers and gave speeches to homerooms. At the end of our drive, we collected thousands of pencils, hundreds of notebooks, and so many other supplies that the VIP director’s SUV was over-flowing. Tory ended the drive by giving a ten-minute presentation to the entire school that had teachers in tears.”