Jennifer Aniston DyslexiaEmmy and Golden Globe-winning actress, director, producer Jennifer Aniston recently shared to Hollywood Reporter how she discovered that she was dyslexic in her 20’s.

Excerpt: “She doesn’t read much, the result of the dyslexia that impacted her education and self-image, which wasn’t diagnosed until she was in her early 20s…My eyes would jump four words and go back two words The revelation that she had dyslexia was life-changing. Until then, “I thought I wasn’t smart. I just couldn’t retain anything,” she says. “Now I had this great discovery. I felt like all of my childhood trauma-dies, tragedies, dramas were explained.”

Many accomplished actresses and actors are dyslexic and found their talents in their careers from powers of careful observation, empathy, and an uncanny ability to get into the heads of different people and characters. A good ear for how things are said helps with the job too.

It would’ve been great if the journalists at HR or ABC News had been aware of why so many of the worlds most accomplished actresses and actors are dyslexic, but mentioning them is a start. For every 1 who identifies, there are probably at least hundreds who do not. Bravo for Jennifer for sharing and helping the world take one step closer to a dyslexic-open dyslexic-friendly world.

From the UK:   “…Yet the high numbers of dyslexic learners in the acting profession may suggest that dyslexia is not a ‘deficit’ but a strength. After all, many actors view dyslexia as a source of their creativity. Former Eastenders actress Carol Harrison recognises that: ‘…having dyslexia has made me a better actor because instead of just saying the words, you have to feel them very, very deeply, take them inside of yourself, process them and bring them out again.’

Jennifer Aniston Opens Up About Being Dyslexic