In this holiday season, check out these wonderful books by dyslexic authors and illustrators.  If you use THIS LINK, Dyslexic Advantage will benefit from the referral.



Dav Pilkey: Dragon’s Merry Christmas (series)
Patricia Polacco: Christmas Tapestry and The Trees of the Dancing Goats
Charlie Brown Piano Song Book and Complete Peanuts (link is to 1965-66; many in the series) [Peanuts’ Charles Schultz makes many ‘Famous Dyslexics” lists – and he often has comic strips that refer to LDs. Schultz did repeatedly fail classes in middle school. I do fondly remember our kids reading their way through piles of Peanuts books over Christmas breaks.]

Sally Gardner: Operation Bunny (series), Magical Kids (series)
Stacey Campbel: Arrgh!
Rick Riordan: Lightning Thief and Magnus Chase (series)
Roald Dahl: Vicar of Nibbleswick, The BFG
Henry Winkler: Hank Zipzer (series)
Avi: Poppy (series)
Jerry Pinkney (illustrator): The Christmas Boot