We wanted to make sure everyone saw the wonderful examples of ‘career foreshadowing’ you all submitted to the blog How Hobbies of Dyslexic Children Can Point to Adult Careers. Here a few great ones:

Adult Occupation                              Childhood Hobby

Teacher/Drama Teacher                 Playing with dolls/directing ‘doll musicals’

Writing stories                                   Writer

Leading neighborhood                    Marketing charity drives

Inventing                                           Mechanical engineer

Engineering fairs                             Aerospace Engineer

Legos                                                  Mechanical Engineer

Rube Goldberg Device Maker        Corporate IT Technical Instructor/PhD Ed

Fire and firefighting                         Firefighter

Nursing home volunteer                 Medical researcher


Thanks for all these great examples!

The first example reminded us of the ‘foreshadowing’ value of being talkative. When we do radio and TV interviews, we often hear from the announcers during the bits between segments, “Back in school I was always getting in trouble for talking too much—now I make my living by talking all day!”