fathers-day-dyslexic-advantage“My father had, however, got interested in teaching me, and only shifted the lesson to a weekday till he had conquered my wandering mind.

My father read out poetry, for the first time, when I was eight or nine years old Between Sligo and Rosses Point, there is a tongue of land covered with coarse grass that runs out into the sea or the mud according to the state of the tide. It is the place where dead horses are buried. Sitting there, my father read me the Lays of Ancient Rome. It was the first poetry that moved me…” – W.B. Yeats, Nobel Prize Winner in Literature, Dyslexic, One of the Great Poets of All Time

As we head into Father’s Day Weekend, all of us at Dyslexic Advantage want to give a shout-out and Happy Father’s Day to the amazing Dyslexia Dads who make the world better for the next generation. Some of you are dyslexic and some are not, but all of you care deeply about your children and all children who find themselves on the courageous journey of being dyslexic.

Happy Father's DayAs we go back through amazing famous people with dyslexia, they often acknowledge fathers who put them on a path where they would find their life’s passion.

It was also Yeats who said “Education is not a filling of a bucket, but a lighting of a fire.”

From more famous dyslexic families:

From Richard Rogers, famous UK architect “Growing up I was very close to my parents – my father was a doctor and my mother a potter and artist.I believe it important to have someone who believes in you and is supportive which in turn builds your confidence…”

From Steven Spielberg’s dad: “Leah and I had an open house, in the sense that we gave all our children a lot of freedom to do their own things and develop their imaginations…”

Alfred’s gift to his son included giving his son his first Brownie movie camera, making a screen from a bed sheet in their living room, and helping Steven with creating special effects for his son’s first full-fledge production.

For those of you (and you know who you are), thank you for the gift you have been giving for being an amazing father.

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