Here are some great dyslexia-friendly choices for graphic novels and comics this holiday season. All of the above books have relatively readable fonts and most are part of a series so that if your student likes one, more can follow. For more popular graphic novel and comic books for kids, click HERE. Some of the graphic novels based on Rick Rick-Riordan-GraphicRiordan books seem to vary in quality. Heroes of Olympus has gotten pretty good reviews though – and it’s in paperback as well as Kindle (can read with free Kindle app for phones, iPads, laptops).

Looking for something specific? Check out the Graphic Novel, Comics, and Manga review site at NoFlyingNoTights. The chief editor of that site is an award-winning library from the Brookline Public Library in Massachusetts.

For your young non-readers, check out Wordless Picture Books. Wordless picture books are usually beautiful examples of visual storytelling. For the pre-literate children it can stimulate conversation and vocabulary.