Goldie-Hawn-DyslexiaGoldie and Her Dyslexia: “School was difficult for me. However, I was a happy child, so I always signed my papers, ‘Love, Goldie.’ ” – Goldie Hawn, Academy Award-Winning Actress, Film Director and Producer, and Founder of the Hawn Foundation

Goldie Hawn, who some of us will remember go her start on ‘Laugh-In’.
Playing a ‘dumb blonde’ then, today we know that she is anything but – now many Emmy, Golden Globe, and successful movie productions later, Goldie has also founded the Hawn Foundation to “transform children’s lives” by social and emotional learning Programs (MINDUP). Congrats Goldie!

“I was dyslexic, and I had some read- ing comprehension problems, which could have made me feel inferior. However,” she says, her voice brighten- ing, “my parents were very supportive. They wanted me to be happy.”

Goldie Hawn Laugh In DyslexiaAnother great insight from Ms. Hawn: “Every day you can ask yourself, “Have I helped my children understand their gifts and talents? Did I empathize with their feelings enough? Is there something I can do or say now to help strengthen our connection?”

Goldie Hawn is also an amazing mom and (gasp!) grandma x 5. You may also know Goldie’s beautiful and talented daughter actress Kate Hudson. Ms. Hawn also supports many social and charitable causes.Throw


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