What fun! Brock and I had a chance to visit the University of Washington I-Labs and one of Seattle’s newest reading and dyslexia researchers, Jason Yeatman. Jason’s right hand man is Patrick Donnelly, who recently came out from Boston. Though new acquaintances, they seemed like old friend because of so many friends and colleagues in common.

Jason is interested in visual aspects of reading differences and it was nice to hear that both of them knew about stealth dyslexia and Jason mentioned a colleague of his in Stanford bioengineering who talked about being dyslexic.

Currently Jason and Patrick and continue to recruit research subjects for their research involving reading intervention. This is a great opportunity for students ages 8-11 who can be still enough for the scanner pictures, but also have 6 weeks to undergo some free reading intervention. Children accepted into the study are reimbursed $60 per visit and the reading intervention is free! It’s a great development to have another accomplished research in the Seattle area. Jason also has a great interest in individual learning differences, which for Brock and I and Dyslexic Advantage, is of tremendous interest to us too.

UW-Brain-Research-Dyslexia-Dyslexic-AdvantageWANTED: RESEARCH Subjects for Reading Study – Seattle Area Kids Age 8-11   We learned this research involves no pokes, potentially free reading tutoring and non-radioactive head scans (kids can take home a picture of their brain!). For more information, call Patrick at 206-685-9365 or email [email protected]

Research such as this may be valuable for helping teachers understand individual differences among learners and how to differentiate curriculum.