Recently Brock and I re-discovered a wonderful phone interview we had with Vince Flynn, author of the Mitch Rapp series and a #1 New York Time Bestselling Author. Vince was amazing for so many reasons and he was a powerful spokesperson for the advantages associated with dyslexia. Vince received 60 rejection letters for his novel, then decided to publish it himself. After that book went to #1 in the Twin Cities, he had a 2-book deal with Simon & Schuster. He would go on to write political thrillers that were read by current and former Presidents, foreign heads of state, and intelligence professionals.

One high ranking CIA official told his team, “I want you to read Flynn’s books and start thinking about how we can more effectively wage this war on terror.”

For us, we were impressed by Vince’s remarkable D Strengths or Dynamic Reasoning in our MIND strengths acronym for dyslexic thinkers. Vince had the uncanny to size up incredibly complex, ambiguous, and changing environments and know what was going to happen next. This ability was like dyslexic physician and public health pioneer Don Francis’ ability to solve the crises of complex epidemics like Ebola virus in Africa or AIDS in San Francisco, or a dyslexic Major General that we interviewed that was in charge or security of the U.S. Capitol after 9/11.

“I get very emotional about this. You don’t know that as a kid, that you’ve been given this gift, you just think that you’re not as smart as all the other kids.”- Vince Flynn


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