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Dyslexic Advantage | Great Teachers and Tutors – Hall of Fame Wall

Teacher Honor Wall

The Dyslexic Advantage Teacher Honor Wall is to honor Teachers praised by their Students as Sources of Encouragement, Inspiration, and Support.

  • Alexandra Tobin

  • Allison

  • Amy and Jeremy Traynor

  • Amy Brown

  • Amy Young x 4 Lab School of Washington

  • Anjali Andrea Alban

  • Aubreye Ferreira

  • Barbara Oneill ” inspired and encouraged me to work hard every day. She is a gifted teacher who always knew I could do it. With her help I have learned so much”

  • Betsy and Rick from the Wisconsin Institute for Learning Disabilities / Dyslexia

  • Bonnie Curl
  • Brandy Yellend **

  • Billy Swift

  • Christine Maginnis

  • Christopher Paolini and his books

  • Cindy Proudfoot

  • Coach Jana Carter

  • Daniel Whitcomb

  • Erin Rupe Stanley British Primary School
  • Eugina

  • Fernette Eide

  • Gail Suitor **

  • Gerald Sierveld

  • Grandma Lynn

  • Hideaki Sorachi
  • Isla Miln

  • Jamie O’Brian Villa Maria
  • Jen and Chris Dobbs CT Rivers Museum
  • Jennifer Galbo

  • Jennifer Graziano Germantown Central
  • Jessica Brannen Germantown Central
  • Jesus

  • Jill Weirick

  • Jody Graff

  • Justin, a classmate

  • Karen Grites x 2

  • Karin Holden

  • Kat Dewess x 5  Rawson Sanders

  • Karri Russell
  • Katharine Carneal

  • Kathy

  • Kelly, from the Children’s Dyslexia Center – Madison

  • Kristin Johnson

  • Lainie Donnell

  • Laura Hernandez-Ehrisman

  • Laura McGoan

  • Laurel Davis

  • Lauryn, my friend

  • Lee Johnson “Thank You for helping me ,and giving me the 101 instruction I need to succeed in school even though you was a coach you still found a way to help me,which means a lot to me. Thank you also for always encouraging me and helping me when I didn’t have the self-confidence I needed to have. I hope other teachers will follow in your footsteps and make a difference in a child’s life like you have mine!”
  • Leslie Richardson Phillips Brooks School San Francisco

  • Ms. Lisa Jacobs, elementary school teacher
  • Lisa Watkins

  • Margie Gordon x 2

  • Maryanne Gallen x 8 Churchill Center and School St. Louis

  • Meg Shevenock x 2

  • Megan Gau

  • Melissa Denson

  • Mitchell, my brother

  • Mom x 13

  • Mr. Alvaro

  • Mr. Hershey Grand Haven High School
  • Mr. Tempkin

  • Mr. Yassine Congressional School
  • Mrs. Burns
  • Mrs. Havenor

  • Mrs. Johnson

  • Mrs. Kempinski “for being so awesome and making learning fun…having such innate compassion.”

  • Ms. Cabano

  • Ms. Jo

  • Ms. Pat

  • My parents x 7 “Always help me get through even when I think I am ready to give up”

  • Nana and Grampy for all of my wonderful MV memories
  • Nancy Grissom

  • Nancy Sherill

  • Neena Barreto

  • Nicole

  • Nira Scherz-Busch

  • Raundi Kai Moore-Kondo  Love of Words

  • Rebecca Gee

  • Rheta Cotton

  • Robert Beatty

  • Robert Cohen, my grandfather

  • Rosalyn Stanton

  • Sami

  • Sarah “she always told me to keep my head held high and to move forward. She was a great teacher and she will always hold a special place in my heart.”

  • Sandra Murphy

  • Sarah Schimek

  • Sharon McDermott Winchester Thurston School
  • Sterling Whitaker

  • Story Fisher

  • Summer

  • Wes Swing
Teachers Recognition Wall | Dyslexic Advantage

Teachers Recognition Wall | Dyslexic Advantage

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