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Dyslexic Advantage | Conferences

Dyslexia and Innovation II

2014 - Dyslexia and Innovation

2013 - Dyslexia and Talent


Dyslexic Advantage organizes yearly one-of-a-kind cross-disciplinary conferences that bring together accomplished adult dyslexics, and non-dyslexic educators, researchers, and non-profit organization leaders to share ideas, information, and resources, and foster collaborations that will fundamentally change programs and researchers for the entire field.


2015 – Conference on Dyslexia and Innovation

The Third Dyslexic Advantage Conference on Dyslexia and Innovation took place September 2015 in Norwalk, Connecticut. Keynote speakers included an international bear expert, musician-songwriter-artist, business development expert, lead designer, poet, stand-up comedienne, and environmental lawyer. Small group sessions included negotiation, dyslexic mind, start-up challenges for entrepreneurs, the dyslexic strategic mind, and foresight and alternative futures. Interactive breakout sessions brought together leaders from the dyslexia community to work to solve the most pressing issues facing dyslexia children, their parents and teachers, and working adults.


2014 – Conference on Dyslexia and Innovation


The Second Dyslexic Advantage Conference on Dyslexia and Innovation was held in March 2014 in Sausalito California. The Conference brought together accomplished dyslexic individuals from diverse backgrounds and fields, including two MacArthur Genius Fellows, a Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Silicon Valley venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and inventors, and young leaders from corporate America and leading innovative companies. The purpose of the conference was to connect, discuss, and create programs that will help the greater dyslexia community. Two satellite conferences were also held in parallel with this conference : The Dyslexic Advantage – UCSF Dyslexia Beyond Reading Conference and a public Celebration of Dyslexia event at Mission High School in San Francisco. We appreciate the generous support by the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation. Additional sponsors included the Stanford Office of Accessible Education and National Council for Learning Disabilities.


[youtube id=”A_PxjdOmjjc?list=PLsilMSaqafYgwaCcdDDn-pxQlwr94RTsF” width=”900″ height=”500″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


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2013 – Conference on Dyslexia and Talent


The Dyslexic Advantage – Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation Conference on Dyslexia and Talent took place in Norwalk, CT in April 2013, and was the first event of its type that included accomplished dyslexic individuals from diverse careers, research scientists, educators, non-profit leaders, and parents leaders.


[youtube id=”xyab_VSBCAk?list=PLsilMSaqafYi-GL5o672_Ig8Pu_dShwnY” width=”900″ height=”500″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


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