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“Because I’m Dyslexic”

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Lisa: Because I have family members with dyslexia, I get to experience seeing the entire universe in a passionate , creative and unique manner. It is like the joy a young child has when seeing the world with wonder. It is not always an easy journey and school requires resiluency, courage , bravery and very hard work. Life outside of school is magical, creative , and spirtual with gifts that can not be bought with money. High five to the one out of five people who have some degree of dyslexia . Dyslexia Awareness is sweeping the USA.

Queenie: Because I’m dyslexic, I have a gift of being able to ‘read’ what young children need….like none other. I am also extremely gifted with teaching others (teachers and parents) to do the same so that they too, can work effectively with young children! Hi! I’m Queenie Tan and I’m a mom of two boys, an early childhood education specialist, a veteran pre-school teacher, a teacher trainer, a published author, a podcaster, an international speaker and a parent coach…..and I’m dyslexic.

Linda: Because I am dyslexic I used to proof read documents by seeing patterns. Because I am dyslexic I see others ways to accomplish ventures using easier processes.

Juli:  I have four children and I am dyslexic. Each one of us has a different gift because of our dyslexia. My youngest son and I can do any math problem in his head, no paper needed. He can solve problems, is very articulate, artistic, visual and great with a camera. My next can play any music she hears. My next oldest is very visual and great at problem solving, he also plays by ear and can’t read music. My oldest is great at visual puzzles. I can manipulate alot of things into small spaces, compute math problems in my own weird way and memorize anything with a number. Dyslexia is a big part of our family and we embrace our gift.

Courtney: As someone with Dyslexia I’m very visual and have a big imagination. I take in a lot of information simultaneously through all my senses, which can feel overwhelming and down right confusing !! I need a lot of alone time and extra sleep to sort through and make sense of things. I work with seniors with advanced Alzheimer’s as an Activities Director, using Montessori approach. My dyslexic brain helps me think creatively as I continually seek new ways to engage the folks I work with.

Melanie: Because I’m dislexic I can be anything I wanna be.  I’m a nurse/teacher. Mary: Great video.

Gina: I’m wiping away tears.I wish I read this sooner. The little kid inside could this information decades ago. Thank you

Judy: My son, now 19 Is in a special school. He still cannot read or do math because of his severe dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculi. I do not worry so much anymore that he will not become “something” according to standards bc I know that he is someone special and all the triumphs he’s dealt with over the years are molding him into a terrific young man. He does not need to read directions when things need to be fixed or put together. .. he can look at the finished product and just knows what to do. He is such a hard worker and thrives to do the job entirely and completely. Even though his disabilities have held him back so many ways, I know something bigger is brewing for him. .. patiently waiting to see what his amazing outcome will b… I see endless possibilities and I couldn’t be more proud of his efforts

Wendy: I found my dyslexia to be a gift in my adult years. As a child I was labeled stupid” that thing will never learn. It is stupid!” With help in college I learned to read by “tracking” and have gone on to teach school and raise 5 children. I stopped believing the people that said that I would never learn!Misty: I am Misty. I am dyslexic. I am a paralegal and I can diligently research and investigate a case. I am a government major and I minor in psychology. I am a dyslexia advocate for my beautiful, dyslexic daughter.Chloe: Hi I’m Chloe 15 years old school is a struggle! I feel stupid most of the time when I can’t do what others do since I left primary school and moved up to hight school I got called lazy by my teachers because I dident do my work. I wasent lazy I just couldent do it but I dident want to admit that I couldent do it. When I hit year 8 it started to get worse the work got harder and I couldent do it so I began to be naughty it mad me feel better I got out of doing it. As the year went on I finally spoke up and told teachers what I couldn’t do and what I needed help with i talked to my friends and family for help I got extra lessons in English to help with my reading and spelling and understanding things. Now I am in the middle of my GCSEs and working towards Cs and hoping to get a job in childcare or social care😀 Thank you Alex for sharing this with me.Susan: I’m 52 and dyslexic, I grew up in the day’s of no diagnosis I thought I was just slow or thick ,my survival instincts and determination ,to not just get through life but to be successful it helped me find my compensations and work on them . Problem is…. I struggle to think IN the box! :0

Wendy:  I found my dyslexia to be a gift in my adult years. As a child I was labeled stupid” that thing will never learn. It is stupid!” With help in college I learned to read by “tracking” and have gone on to teach school and raise 5 children. I stopped believing the people that said that I would never learn!

Deborah:  I only found out I had dyslexia when I started my degree at age 46! It made so much sense of my struggles and my gifts. I believe I can be anything I want to be and am currently studying an honours degree in education. I have a great empathy with pupils that struggle and believe you can do anything you want to but it just takes some of us a little longer. I love art and colour mixing, crafts and being creative as well as working with my horses.

Cindy: After a long journey, my daughter will be starting her masters in September , I will be a very proud mum as she has worked hard to get there . For any parents with young children with dyslexia , the best thing I did for my kids ( and there was lots !) was to get them lessons in touch typing , they could touch type , with the screen switched of by the age of nine, this was a REAL boost and a life long help in education .Dawn: Our son, Stephen, is a whiz at anything that involves spatial reasoning…he can put together a 1,000+ piece Lego set in no time…and argue with his parents about the rules like a seasoned lawyer, lol. So proud of him for working hard to leverage his strengths to minimize his deficits–dyslexics have amazing, out-of-the-box thinking brains!!

Amos: Because I’m dyslexic I see things different than other people.

Belinda:  I love taking pictures and producing movies of the Underwater kind.

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