Feb 2016 Premium Magazine Highlights:

Secrets of Serial Dyslexic Entrepreneurs – MIND Strengths, Super Writing Strategies (Elaboration), Phonics and Auditory Processing (free teacher resources and videos), Research: Hearing Simulation, brain-phonics-fmriSeeing But Not Hearing, Interview with the College Board (extended time, reading options, 2016 ADA Guidelines, appeals, math, gifted homeschool), Dyscalculia Fast Facts, This is Your Brain on Phonics (research, free teaching tools), Wisdom of Pooh and Dyslexia (Mindset Test, student dyslexia-college-boardhandout, research), Twice-Exceptional / Gifted with Dyslexia – classroom placement, social – emotional handout), Fast Facts for the NEW SAT (free resources, infographic, accommodations), You Asked! (Is our IEP working?), Parting Words (Steven Spielberg).

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