Dyslexic Advantage is happy to share with you our first Dyslexic Advantage Kids magazine in honor of dyslexic paleontologist Jack Horner, MacArthur Genius awardee who credits his dyslexia with giving him the creativity and imagination to revolutionize what we know about dinosaurs today.

After more than 30 amazing years at the Museum of the Rockies, Jack is retiring from Montana State University. Thankfully, though, he is not quitting.

“I’m going to go work with the University of Washington in Seattle. They’re building a brand new museum, and they need some help getting some dinosaurs,” he said  (all good news for us and Dyslexic Advantage – as we’re based in Seattle!). Jack was our first keynote speaker for our first Dyslexic Advantage Conference on Dyslexia Talent. If you’d like to learn more about Jack’s hammer….

We are also posting the magazine below in pdf format, but all the special features like videos and games are best viewed in the magazine viewer above.


Download Dyslexic Advantage Kids Dinosaur Issue – Jack Horner