Dyslexic-Advantage-CapitolDyslexic Advantage meets in Washington DC! Huge thanks to newly appointed Manager of Legislative Action and Advocacy, attorney Leila Leoncavallo!

Dyslexic Advantage participated in #DyslexiaHillDay July 14th, an event co-sponsored by Decoding Dyslexia and NCLD.

The event a good opportunity to get the broader LD community, but also sobering with presentations from various groups explaining why they oppose dyslexia-specific legislation in Congress.

From Nancy Reder (National Association of State Directors of Special Education): “You all are no different…The problem is bigger than dyslexia.”

From COPAA (Denise Marshall) – a concern that dyslexia-specific laws would be too “restrictive” and take away from other people’s rights. The head of the national PTA made similar comments. This line of reasoning is faulty, however (does the NIH not support cancer because it supports diabetes?).

Ben Shifrin from the Jemicy School gave a great talk: “We cannot lump all LDs together…I’m dyslexic and I don’t want anyone else growing up like I did…”

Today Leila had a chance to meet with Senator Bill Cassidy and members of his office and Representative Lamar Smith and members of his office.

Please sign up HERE if you’re interested in being updated about legislation and helping by local visits, emails, or calls to your senator or representative.

Forthcoming Calls to Action:

  1. Support the READ Act (H.R. 3033) requesting the National Science Foundation to require dyslexia research (including early identification, professional training, and curricular and educational tools.
  2. Increase the numbers of Congressmen and women on the Bipartisan Dyslexia Caucus (currently 80 – they would like 100 by the end of summer)
  3. Ollie Cantos, Office for Civil Rights Education – has said he his office has received very few complaints about 504 or IDEA violations regarding dyslexic students. He would like to be contacted about these problems. Dyslexic Advantage is collecting stories, complaints, and any other information that it will share with Mr. Cantos.

Please Sign Up to help is make education better for all students! Let us know how you can help. : )