dress madalyneGreat blog post from graphic designer Madalyne Hymas called A-Dressing-Dyslexia in which she realized the dress that almost broke the Internet “and the resulting conversation involving millions of people, is the perfect analogy for helping to understand dyslexia…

The way that the dyslexic brain works is not bad, it isn’t wrong, and it isn’t deficient. It’s just different. And the difference is not a disability. In fact, the differences in a dyslexic brain bring with it many advantages that go unrecognized and are often mislabeled and even maligned.

Think about this: Sixty-seven percent of people see the dress as white and gold. What if, in response to this difference in perception, we started labeling gold-white-seeing-people as “slow” or “stupid” or “lazy”? What if we told gold-white-seeing-people that they need to just “try harder”? What if we pitied them for the way that they saw the dress?

It may seem ridiculous, but these are the experiences of myself and nearly every dyslexic person that I meet.

Next time you think of dyslexia, think of #thedress.

And remember: it’s all just a matter of perception.”

Brilliant analogy, Madalyne!     And think of how it would be to spend 12+ years in an educational system that focused on “blue-black seers” as opposed to “gold-whites”? It’s so hard to see from another’s perspective, but perhaps conversations likes these that become global memes can change perceptions that the worldwide community so desperately needs.

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