jewel-loyd-wnba-dyslexic-advantageWe have a few tickets left! Dyslexic students – please join us as guests of the amazingly talented Jewell Loyd, WNBA’s #1 Draft pick who is on pace to be Rookie of the Year for the Women’s NBA! Dyslexic Advantage is honored to be partnering with Jewell to increase awareness of dyslexia and its advantages.

Our game watching Jewell is this Friday Sept 11th 7 pm at Key Arena. We’ll get a chance to meet Jewell after the game! Contact Fernette at: team “at” to check if there are any free tickets left. Read more about Jewell and her experience with dyslexia.

“The work ethic I had in the gym, the emphasis on repetition and visualization, was something I could apply to my studies. I developed strategies…” – Jewell Loyd, #1 WNBA Draft Pick