We have been asked by Ollie Cantos of the Office of Civil Rights to assess the current status of students with dyslexia in US Schools. Are students getting appropriate or inappropriate education in their schools?

Please take our Dyslexia at School Survey . There have been no large scale surveys of dyslexic students in schools across the United States. Even if your experiences have been positive, it would be helpful for you to share your experiences because we make comparisons to districts where students with dyslexia get much less.

This survey is currently for United States schools only.

Many of us know first hand about better and worse schools and districts – but we are to improve the classroom experiences for all children, we first need to get the facts from YOU.

We’ll share the results with you as well as with other federal change-makers who can help us make school better for every dyslexic student!

Please also Share this survey with every family, teacher, and professional who might be willing to help. Thank you everyone!