Kyle Redford - Open Letter to Arne DuncanMany of you know Kyle Redford  – Huffpo lifelong teacher, dyslexia blogger and mom and major contributor to The Big Picture Movie. She’s written an Open Letter to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. It’s a wake up call for the U.S. Department of Education regarding dyslexic students and dyslexia training for teachers.

Excerpt: “…practically nothing is happening to address dyslexia in our nation’s public schools. There is little to no training or awareness of the condition among teachers. There is inadequate funding for instruction and interventions, and our school districts have implemented inconsistent policies and approaches…” Read Kyle’s entire letter to Secretary Duncan HERE.

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Dyslexia needs to be mentioned BY NAME in federal legislation. Dyslexia is scientifically recognized brain-based difference associated with patterns of strengths and challenges that goes beyond reading and writing. Families have never before been as united as they are now dyslexic students deserve an appropriate education!

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