LyonIf Barrett Lyon’s life reads like incredible cyberthriller, it’s because it is one – after struggling in school because of dyslexia, he discovered expertise at computers in middle school, and  soon was managing his schools’ computer network. When investigating a vulnerability in Network Solutions, he accidentally caused AOL to go down for 3 days (he was 17 years old).


He’s been called a hero for tracking down three Russians responsible for Denial of Service extortion attacks that affected banks and many businesses. Lyon is also creator of the Opte Project, an accurate visualization of the Internet, that has been supported by the Boston Museum of Science and Museum of Modern Art.

Lyon’s Mind strengths include: Material reasoning, Interconnected reasoning, Narrative reasoning, and Dynamic reasoning. We’ve seen many adult dyslexics in Internet security – knowing where hackers will go next…super D-strengths. The book based on Lyon’s life is Fatal System Error.