Dr Fernette Eide Microsoft Dyslexia Workforce“Dyslexia is probably pretty common in tech companies.” – Dr. Fernette Eide, Co-Founder, Dyslexic Advantage

After interviewing dyslexic executives, software engineers, designers from the leading cutting-edge technology companies in the world, I am convinced that dyslexia and innovation go hand-in-hand and that corporations whose business it is creating what the future will be need to learn how to harness the talent and irreplaceable skill set.

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Jony Ive is now Chief Designer at Apple, Astro Teller is Captain of Moonshots at GoogleX, John Chambers founded Cisco, Bill Hewlett Co-Founded Hewlett Packard,  the list goes on and on and on.

Where would technology and innovation be without dyslexics? It wouldn’t be anything like we know it today – that’s for sure.


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