dyslexia-tattooVery cool, while her son was a sleep, this mom noticed her dyslexic son’s ‘tattoo’.

From Reddit.


“Mate, I’m a dyslexic studying for my PhD
Don’t you dare ever let him not believe in himself.”

“Ah dyslexia, seems like a curse but if you learn to use the new found abilities it makes you acquire… life is good.”

“Thank you for that! He had to repeat 2nd grade, and still struggles, so it makes him feel bad. He loves to draw tattoos on himself, and my heart melted when I saw this one…But, I was proud of him, and wanted to share with others who might be struggling”.

  • p.s. The original Reddit post thought it was Dad – but Mom since clarified the change – so we corrected it!   What a blessing to have loving and encouraging parents!