Dr. Dan Peters

The World, Dyslexia and the Dyslexic Advantage Revolution
“The world has many complex problems that need to be solved and I believe the dyslexic mind is built for solving these problems. We need all of our minds — both dyslexic and non-dyslexic — to sustain and advance our world. Like Singapore teaches us, our society cannot afford to lose even one student because we all need to reach our potential. The time for The Dyslexic Revolution is now.” – Dr Dan Peters, author, psychologist

Don’t miss this fantastic read from  Huffpo:  The Dyslexic Advantage: Our Hidden Revolution by Dr Dan Peters.

breakfast Dyslexic AdvantageExcerpt:  “While talking to fellow dyslexics and hearing the experiences of the non-dyslexics, who described feeling like a minority, I realized that at this conference, we dyslexics were the dominant culture. Most of us can’t remember names and room numbers, get lost regularly, are bad at spelling, mispronounce words, and often can’t find the word or phrase we are trying to express. When any of these things happens at this conference, and it does regularly, we laugh together and smile with recognition and acceptance. This is very different than our usual experience of being laughed at, ridiculed, and feeling shame. In the real world we are about 20 percent of people. Here, we are the 80 percent. We are normal here.Dyslexic Advantage Facilitators

Like all prior conferences (and like the YouTube video phenomena Because I’m Dyslexic) Reception Dyslexic Advantage Conferencehighly creative and accomplished people from a number of disciplines spoke and let discussions — a Harvard trained business negotiator, an MIT scientist, a bear expert (!), a comedian, a poet, visual and graphic designers, and others. All of these individuals have come up with something new in their fields and have found success. All of them are doing it differently than others…”

Dyslexic Advantage Revolution 2015

Vive la Revolution!

Dan is also author of Raising Creative Kids and From Worrier to Warrior: A Guide to Conquering Your Child’s Fears.