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Dyslexia and the “Privilege” of an Appropriate Education

Many of us were deeply disappointed this week when the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee voted down the amendments proposed by Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) to the Every Child Achieves Act of 2015. These amendments would have provided much needed federal support for the appropriate education of dyslexic students.

This loss was made […]

The Dyslexic Advantage Mission III: Positive Achievement

Today we’ll discuss the third and final aim in DA’s Mission Statement: promoting positive achievement.

By ‘positive achievement’ we mean the ability to effectively pursue and reach important life goals, particularly practical goals in education and employment.

How DA Supports Positive Achievement

At DA we believe success is most effectively achieved when dyslexic people work together with those around […]

Senate Rejects Dyslexia Amendment from ESEA No Child Left Behind

In a very close vote (12-10), the Senate defeated Senator Bill Cassidy’s submission of an Amendment to the ESEA / No Child Left Behind Act that would have allowed (not even mandated) federal funds to be used for better education of students with dyslexia in public schools. You can contact and share your comments […]

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The Dyslexic Advantage Mission II: Positive Community

Today we’ll discuss the second key aim in DA’s Mission Statement: promoting positive community.

At DA we envision a world where dyslexic people are:

known and valued for their strengths
proud of their identity
confident of their abilities
and routinely enabled to reach their full potential in school, work, and life.

To create this world, dyslexic people have to work together. This […]

The Dyslexic Advantage Mission I: Positive Identity

This is our first post on our Dyslexic Advantage Mission Statement. For nonprofit organizations, the mission statement is an overview of the steps they’re taking to create the world they envision.
The Dyslexic Advantage Mission
At Dyslexic Advantage, our mission is, “To promote positive identity, community, and achievement among dyslexic people by focusing on their strengths.”
We’ve already explained DA’s strengths-centered […]

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