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Our Vision is a World Where Dyslexic Individuals are Known for their Strengths

Justin Wilson IndyCar Driver and Dyslexia Advocate

Very sad news last August 24, 2015, when inspirational IndyCar driver Justin Wilson has died after being struck by debris from a rookie driver in a race at Pocono Raceway. Justin is survived by his wife and daughters. Justin was just 37. His family has our deepest condolences.

Justin generously shared his story and frequently met with […]

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[Premium] Why Working Memory Can Predict Reading Comprehension

“An important important hypothesis derived from our perspective is that those individuals with weaker attention-control abilities will more often succumb to interfering thoughts than will those with stronger control abilities…” “My mind tended to wander a lot — usually in order to entertain myself. I’d be off in another world and thinking about other stuff…” […]
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IMPORTANT! Dyslexia at School Survey – Take and Share!

We have been asked by Ollie Cantos of the Office of Civil Rights to assess the current status of students with dyslexia in US Schools. Are students getting appropriate or inappropriate education in their schools?

Please take our Dyslexia at School Survey . There have been no large scale surveys of dyslexic students in schools across the United States. […]

Dyslexia | What Are the Super-Powers of Successful Dyslexic Entrepreneurs ?

What are the secrets of success for dyslexic business and non-profit leaders?

“I built up a great team of people around me. One of the major strengths if I look back was my ability to pick great people, to work with them and to create a wonderful environment where everyone wanted to succeed together.”

From this […]

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[Premium] Dyslexia at College : Crash Course

College is Coming! Here are some great tips and tricks for dyslexic students in higher education. Also don’t leave home without getting digital copies of your dyslexia paperwork. You’ll want to send to the LD office on campus. They will help you with accommodations, tutoring, and more! Dyslexia at College Tips, Tricks, and Strategies Here’s […]
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Dyslexia and Creative Talents of Carly Simon and Family

From WBUR: “One celebrated Martha’s Vineyard family is trying to spread the word that a diagnosis of dyslexia doesn’t spell doom; on the contrary, it can lead to more creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Carly Simon, the Grammy award-winning musician, is now 70. But few people know that the accomplished singer and songwriter struggled with dyslexia, […]

Dyslexia as Rocket Fuel – Sir Anthony Hopkins at 74

“When you’re a certain age and becoming conscious that you’re inadequate in school — which I was — it’s a lonely feeling…You feel isolated and bullied and all the rest of it. I was pretty strong, so nobody bullied me, but I did feel isolated. And I look back on it all now as […]