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Our Vision is a World Where Dyslexic Individuals are Known for their Strengths

Q: Can I Be Software Developer with Dyslexia ? A: YES!

This question comes up surprisingly often, although dyslexic computer programmers or software developers are probably on every team and startup.

Some of the big picture reasons dyslexics made do well in programming:

Strong Problem Solving
Systems Thinking – Big Picture
Flexible Thinking
Analytical and Logical

But for the details of why dyslexics do well in software development, lets […]

Tips for Supporting a Student with Dyscalculia – Steve Chinn

Thanks Steve Chinn of Maths Explained for this post.

Steve also has several books with practical strategies to help with math and dyscalculia. There’s The Trouble with Maths and an eagerly awaited Mathematics for Dyslexics and Dyscalculics – 4th Edition which is now available on pre-order! Thanks, Steve!

Tip 1. Watch and listen.

Tip 2. Be empathetic (especially […]

Rhode Island has a Dyslexia Teacher Training Law!

Congratulations Rhode Island!  Rhode Island Governor Gina Riamondo signed the state’s first dyslexia teacher training law yesterday! From Providence Journal:

“Rhode Island joins the 15 other states that define dyslexia in state statute and the five states (emphasis, ours) that offer professional training to educators. Prior to the legislation, sponsored by Rep. O’Brien, D-North Providence, Rhode […]

Dyslexia Journal Club – Spelling Strategies – What Does Research Say? [Premium]

In a recent paper from Montreal, research tested dyslexic students ages 9-11 to see which spelling strategies were more effective. The most common strategy children use to spell is phonological, whether they are  or aren’t dyslexic. The other common strategies children use for spelling are visuol-orthographic, analogy, and backup. The phonological strategy used phoneme-grapheme correspondence. […]
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Teen’s New Book: Looking for Heroes – Dyslexia and Success

Congrats Aidan Colvin, a dyslexic teen who wrote 100 letters to dyslexic men and women to ask them how they achieved success.

From WRAL:

“…we were standing in my room and my mom looked over at a poster we had made years ago with pictures of successful dyslexics. She wondered aloud, “How did they ‘make’ it?” […]

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