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Science, Business School, and Dyslexia – College and Grad School Perspectives

Current Masters in Business student shares his experiences from growing up on a farm with dyslexia (but not formally diagnosed until college) to discovering strengths in science and business, work in a lab designing games for the mobility-impaired, and current graduate degree in Business.


Phonemic Awareness and Dyslexia with Susan Barton

Learn why instruction alone will not help students with dyslexia get much past a third grade reading level, learn about the classic reading and spelling mistakes dyslexic students make (and why) and how to get them past a “third grade brick wall” in reading.

Download Susan’s slide handouts here.


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Conference on Dyslexia and Talent

What You May Not Know About Dyslexia….

What Do I Tell My Child? – Dyslexia Shouldn’t Be a Private Matter

​”…with few exceptions, most students crave candid conversations about their academic strengths and weaknesses. These conversations help students understand how they learn as well as devise thoughtful strategies to overcome their challenges. An honest dialogue also helps students develop the language and vocabulary necessary to advocate for themselves in school.” –  Kyle Redford
  Teacher Kyle Redford […]

Teaching Math to Dyslexic Students – Dr Steve Chinn

Dyslexic Advantage webinar with teaching strategies to help students with dyslexia learn math.

Dr Chinn uses animations, visuals, and simple patterns to address issues such as math facts, arithmetic, multiplication and division, and more complex topics such as algebra.

This is the best short program we have ever seen for teaching math to students with dyslexia […]