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Our Vision is a World Where Dyslexic Individuals are Known for their Strengths

Scientific American on the Advantages of Dyslexia

Great to see Scientific American covering the advantages of dyslexia…

Excerpt: “Dyslexia is often called a “learning disability.” And it can indeed present learning challenges. Although its effects vary widely, children with dyslexia read so slowly that it would typically take them a half a year to read the same number of words other children might read in […]

Learning Math By Visualization and Understand the Big Picture

Ross describes his breakthrough to understanding the big picture and visualizing the meaning of math. He went from being hopeless at remembering math rules and procedures to an almost overnight expert, enjoying how to puzzles and figure out multiple ways of doing things.

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Adults with Dyslexia – Visual Crowding Not Related to ADHD

Another research group finds that dyslexic adults have large visual crowding effects that affect reading. Importantly this paper found that the visual effects were unrelated to the presence of ADHD.


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The Gifts of Being a Dyslexic Teacher

Kudos to Matthew Friday for a beautifully written post on the gifts of being a dyslexic teacher. His experiences in his youth now make him an attentive a metacognitive teacher who richly understands his students’ experiences and their requirements to thrive in the classroom.




“Leaping ahead 15 years, I now find that having dyslexia is […]

David Flink’s Thinking Differently

David Flink’s book Thinking Differently is out! Inspiring story – and great back to school gift – today David is CEO of Eye to Eye mentoring and on Dyslexic Advantage’s own Board. Work smarter, seek out accommodations, find your allies and more…

From the discouraged kid in 5th grade labeled with LD/ADHD, to Eye to Eye’s own […]

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