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Our Vision is a World Where Dyslexic Individuals are Known for their Strengths

Holiday Webinar with the Eides – Dyslexic MIND Strengths in Children and Young People

Coming next Monday Dec 15th:

Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide, authors of The Dyslexic Advantage, will be talking about Dyslexic MIND Strengths in Children and Young People. Don’t Miss It!  Like all of our webinars, this event is free, although donations are gratefully accepted. Sign up HERE.

Rock Drumming Legend Mick Fleetwood and Dyslexia

“I had dyslexia which I still have to this day…I’d be hard pushed to tell you the alphabet in straight order.” – Mick Fleetwood, co-founder of Fleetwood Mac

Mick Fleetwood is a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and recipient of the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music. His band sold over 100 million […]

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Essential Dyslexia Accommodations for the Common Core

It’s absolutely essential that dyslexic students (as well as other LD students) have access to learning supports and accommodations in the classrooms instituting the Common Core, but as the curriculum is still in the process of rolling out, student and parents may need to educate and advocate to ensure they learning is accessible and […]

Dyslexia and the Common Core – Pros, Cons, and Caveats

The Common Core is a hot topic right now as 43 states and 4 territories have adopted the school standards (see map below).

What does this mean for dyslexic students? The answer is “It depends.” Some of the goals of the Common Core are good – to improve college readiness, to foster deeper knowledge and its application through […]

Dyslexic Toy Inventor Howard Wexler – Webinar Dec 9th

“Don’t discourage them. That’s the Most Important Thing.” – Howard Wexler, prolific toy inventor (e.g. Connect Four), educational psychologist, philanthropist.

Howard has the dyslexic strength profile that will be familiar to many of you – tons of ideas, playfulness, and love of games (dyslexic advantages!), but also a pioneer in the field of early educational toys for […]